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iNatura is the consulting wing of Clogik where we offer a genuinely different approach by bundling product concept, product development, packaging dev, with product positioning, Product Lifecycle Management and training support.

We help our clients develop & source products that are innovative, result-oriented and cost effective. We also offer our tailor-made consultancy services in the areas of product positioning, strategic marketing and training. Whether you are looking for innovative product concepts, research based products, unique formulations or quality manufacturing we can deliver a one-stop solution to fit your needs.

We are consultant and advisor for many large and established companies, as well as for ambitious start-up companies. Our mantra is to ‘Do the right things’ and ‘Do it right’. We aim to make things as simple as possible and ensure that it fits the ‘time-line’ and ‘cost-line’ of our client.

The core domain in which Clogik Consulting (iNatura) operates is wellness, nutraceuticals, organic agriculture and natural ancient living. We offer consultancy for direct marketing companies, wellness companies & modern retail companies and help them with :

  • Innovative Product Concepts
  • Formulation & Product Development
  • Market Analysis for Product Positioning
  • Product Packaging Development
  • Product Positioning & PLC Management
  • Training Advisory & Support
  • Content & Marketing Collaterals
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In today’s competitive market scenario the customers expect well-designed, high aesthetic & use value, easy-to-use and ‘value for money’ products, supported by convincing branding and packaging. This area always gets neglected by the startups and companies especially in case of research based or scientific products. And therefore, this calls for special focus by startups on this aspect before and after their product positioning in market. Right from product nomenclature to form factor design, creative to packaging development, product positioning to brand promotion strategies – every small thing plays a major role and every startup requires specialized support in these areas in order to position the product or service in market. The company plays that specialist role and does the hand holding for startup & companies in product development & product positioning.

As a leading consulting firm, Clogik combines the principles of insight, identity and innovation to assist clients in building brands. This involves establishing an innovation strategy, identifying opportunity areas, and developing new products and services, while enhancing brand equity. Our marketing strategy mentoring include market assessment, “STP” framework development (i.e., Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning), and marketing plan development. Clogik plays a key role in designing marketing plan & marketing mix for the startups or companies.