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Executive Centralized Dashboards :

We create centralized dashboards with your business goals in mind so that you can focus on your most important metrics at all times and take data-driven decisions daily.

In this ever growing, ever changing world of business, your data is the tool and weapon you have to grow even faster. If the following sound like the problems you are facing, you have come to the right place:

  1. Your data is currently scattered in multiple sources and you are overwhelmed by the amount of data, reports, dashboards shown to you
  2. You don’t know which metrics/KPIs to track for your business
  3. You want to see very simple and effective visualizations to help understand your business performance
  4. You want to focus on the Few CRITICAL parts of your business (growth, high service, retention, past analysis etc) rather than the minutiae (checking each report, spreadsheet on all different platforms)
  5. You want to SAVE an EXTRA 5-10 hours/week by not looking at multiple reports, spreadsheets, emails, dashboards etc & still get all the VITAL information you need from all possible sources (Website data, Ads data, Sales data, Leads data etc)
  6. You want to grow your business by learning from your own live data, your own past failures and successes
  7. You are still basing your decisions on 100% your gut/intuition but you want to now also use Data for your own decisions, you want to become Data-smart, Data-Driven and leverage it effectively in this constantly changing business scenarios. In this world run by data, it’s easy to get behind where all your competitors are crunching data, numbers and using it to improve their business
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Imagine a pilot riding an airplane without all the visual screens, reports, live data, buttons - a clear recipe for disaster. Most businesses run without tracking their most important metrics/KPIs and do not anticipate the problems of tomorrow. A pilot knows exactly what to do in each situation and he can see if there is a problem ahead much before to mitigate damages. You have to be on the pilot seat if you want to take your business to the next level.

Our goal is to help you make data driven decisions using the power of data visualizations. I want to create the "Cockpit view" for your business so that you can steer it wherever you want to.

Data visualizations will help you understand exactly what's going right and wrong in your business very quickly - so that you can take the most important next steps all the time using this and thereby focus on the relevant things rather than minutia like collecting data from different sources, creating reports etc. You will also anticipate problems and understand patterns of your business effectively.

We will help you create a single customized dashboard/report with all your data sources that can generate business insights and help you decide your next set of action steps to rapidly analyze and improve your business.